Empowering Nonprofit & Community Organizations with
Financial Education

Do you share our vision of helping individuals and families transform their financial situations and lives? Let’s work together.

We support community organizations who want to offer financial wellness programming by donating resources and providing volunteer support to lead the programming.

Supporting Your Constituents and Your Organization

Our support is designed to help the people you serve and your organization. This model helps ensure that all stakeholders benefit and that programming can expand in the future.

Services We Provide Complimentary

We execute a top-quality financial wellness program in your community by providing training, resources, and support.

  • In-person or Virtual Course Educator (Certified Financial Education Instructor)
  • Financial Education Resources (presentations, student guides, online learning)
  • Professional Corporate Event Feel (marketing, registration process, reminders)
  • Measurement & Outcome Reporting (leverage these results for funding opportunities)
  • Full Program Funding (there is no cost to your organization)


Qualified organizations provide us support to ensure the program’s success. This support includes:

  • Time – we need at least 10 hours of teaching time to maximize results.
  • Students – at least 12 people must go through the training.
  • Venue (in-person only) – we come to your location to teach.
  • Support – although we lead the full program, a main point of contact is needed.
  • Passion – we seek organizations that want to make a real difference in the financial lives of the people they serve.

Schedule Your Complimentary Financial Education Call & Consultation

  • Complimentary Initial Consultation Call

  • Nothing Will Be Offered or Sold On The Phone
  • Receive Information on How You Can Continue To Work With A Financial Educator