Anthony Finch

Founder & President

I thought I’d always be the guy who was clueless about managing his money. College was a blast, but without any real financial education, I ended up throwing all caution to the wind. After experiencing repossessions, an eviction, and a credit score of 515 all by the time I reached age 23, I took a hard look at where I was headed and decided I had to make some serious changes. Over the last six years I’ve married theory with experience to transform my life, and I look forward to bringing those hard-earned lessons to help your attendees do the same.

Credentials (or Company History)

I have earned my financial education credentials from the National Financial Educators Council and have met the educational and practice standards to be recognized as a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I comply with the Financial Education Standards & Code of Conduct and follow the FTC Safeguard Rules to ensure that all your information is secure.


Susan Anthony
Susan AnthonyDirector of Operations
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Jonathan GibbsDirector of Information
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James CastleDirector of Financial Education
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Jeffrey SmithOrganizational Financial Education
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Deryck VinesOffice Manager