Presentations & Speaking Services

When you book me, you get more than just a speaker. You get a passionate financial education provider who is dedicated to your program’s success.

All my presentations are customized to best meet the needs of your organization and the participants. Lessons are selected to help support participants and I adjust my presentation style to match the learners’ needs.

About Me

When I graduated from the University of Michigan 15 years ago, I had one of the top business degrees in the country, but I also had more than $100,000 in student loan debt. On a mission to pay it off, I soon found out how hard getting debt-free can be without personal finance education. My parents had taught me how the world worked: you went to college, got a good job, earned money, and paid your bills. But how could I pay my bills when I was struggling under crippling debt?

Fast forward to today. I got a personal finance education and it changed my life. I learned how to create and implement a debt payoff plan, and now my passion is helping others do the same. As a Certified Financial Education Instructor, I have the courage, confidence, and credentials to help make a difference in other people’s lives.

In Addition to Speaking Services, We Provide Support & Resources.